When We Move to Heaven-CoverWhen We Move to Heaven:

 A Family Love Story

 What would you do if the unthinkable happened?

 A true story of faith, love, family, tragedy, grace and God.

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Other Publications

DC-3 Plane in HangerDC-3 photo by Linda Street-Ely. The ungreased steel of hangar doors screech their wake-up call rousing the faithful bird from her nest. Sunbeams cast upon the most dependable workhorse in aviation history as the day dawns virgin, its story to be written by thousands of choices yet unknown. Her hours of service fill pilot logbooks, winging them to adventures each entry signifies. The rising hangar door seems to birth the day’s opportunity, filled with promise, filled with wonder, a new line in a logbook: how will we write the day?

Aviation related publications

Ely, Mike and Linda. “Ely Air Lines.” Published weekly in the Liberty Gazette and online at
An aviation column written for the general non-flying public to promote aviation and the value of community airports.

Ely, Mike and Linda. “Tango Seventy-Eight.” YouTube. A video production for promotion of the Liberty Municipal Airport and general aviation,

Street-Ely, Linda. Numerous aviation related press releases and articles, since 2007 published in various media outlets. Example:

Works in progress: Video yearbook for the Sport Air Racing League, Flying a time line instructional video for Air Race Classic, Inc.

Non-aviation related publications

Street, Linda. When We Move to Heaven: A family love story.  Xulon Press, 2009

Ford, L. “The Project of Managing Asbestos Cases.” Facts and Findings. May 1999: Vol. XXVII, Issue 1,

Ford, L. “The Controversy of Staff Counsel Representation of Insureds.” Facts and Findings. August 1999: Vol. XXVIII, Issue 2.

Ford, L. “Children In the System.” Facts and Findings. November 1999: Vol. XXIX, Issue 3; also published in Middle Tennessee Paralegal Association newsletter. April, 2001