About Linda

DC-3 Plane in HangerDuring her career as a paralegal Linda Street-Ely learned to fly and became smitten with aviation. Fueled by her passion for flight, stocked with an assorted bouquet of accomplishments, this author, public relations professional, project manager, legal professional, and aviation advocate created a new flight plan.

Linda survives the separation from her husband and two small children one day at a time by placing her faith and trust in Jesus Christ. She shares her testimony around the world to help others who have been wounded and fractured by life’s disasters. Linda has had a long career as a paralegal and is a licensed pilot with a passion for missions and aerobatics, and was the recipient of the 2007 Jan Jones Memorial Scholarship for Aerobatic Training. She resides in Liberty, Texas where she is a member of North Main Baptist Church, and writes an aviation column in the Liberty Gazette. She enjoys flying, running, new adventures, and spending time with family and friends.

Most important, Linda has accepted God’s free gift of salvation and looks forward to “moving to heaven” with her loved ones.